What to Expect

We believe that your pets deserve the highest quality veterinary care, even if it happens in your living room.

On your first house-call, you should expect to for us to be at your home for about 45 minutes (recheck appointments will likely be much shorter).  We start by discussing your pet’s medical history including behavior and nutrition.  Before your appointment, please fill out the new client form.  Dr. Burnett will give your pet a thorough physical exam from nose to tail.  Depending on the health status of your pet, additional testing or medications may be recommended.   We recommend a checkup for your pet at least once-per year.

Please have your pets ready before we arrive.  Cats in particular like to hide when the doorbell rings, they may be more comfortable contained in a small room with nothing to hide under before we arrive, maybe a bathroom. Please have a short leash available for dogs if it becomes necessary.

In some cases, due to the limitations of what can be done on a house call, we will refer your pet to a veterinary hospital or veterinary specialist for additional veterinary care.  We are working to develop referral relationships to practices in the communities we serve, but all after-hours emergency cases will be referred to the the closest referral hospital to you.

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